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Creating an evocative aromatic garden

Why create an aromatic garden? In recent times aromatherapy has become well-known for its calming and healing effects. An aromatic garden can be very evocative, as well as beneficial to your well-being in healing, calming and relaxing. You can create an aromatic garden for processing your own oil or just  Read more »

Beautiful Flowers on My Balcony

Adding a bit of nature to your house is never enough. Planting fancy flowers and plants in your garden, front yard, backyard and in pots to place inside the house are the most favourable options. But have you considered planting flowers on balcony lately? The idea of having a beautiful  Read more »

Peonies in Bloom

If you are looking to make your garden more alluring with colour and fragrance, peonies are a suitable option for you. There are lots of varieties, so whether you want vibrant reds and pinks or prefer the understated elegance of white, you will be spoilt for choice. You do not  Read more »

Using Perennial plants to complete the look of your garden

It can often be difficult knowing what to plant when trying to create your garden. Some flowers and plants are not hardy and last only for a short amount of time, which can be disappointing, especially if you do not have the time to replant them. Perennial plants are an  Read more »

How to Make a Cactus Garden

A cactus plant is usually found in desert areas or arid regions. It is one of the most exotic plants of nature that have the benefit of being planted anywhere. You can choose to grow a variety of cacti in your backyard, front garden, in a pot, or any other  Read more »

How To Cut And Design Your Box Hedge

So, you have gone through the planting stage and want to dress up your beautiful hedge by some careful trimming and designing. Your box hedge that adds real beauty to your garden foliage eventually reaches a point where its dense growth rate needs control. It has sat in the shade  Read more »

Use Plants to Clean Up Your House

Everybody knows that being continuously exposed to air pollution can lead to serious health issues, but we assume that the pollution stops at our door. Indoor air pollution is, however, a major concern according to WHO and can lead to severe respiratory diseases, trigger allergies and even cause cancer. Most  Read more »

Easy Plants for Beginners

When deciding to take up gardening, the best way to begin is to grow something that is going to provide you with a rewarding experience. Growing something and then finding that it has died will dampen your spirits, so begin with plants that are simple to grow that also require  Read more »