Beautiful Flowers on My Balcony

balcony flowersAdding a bit of nature to your house is never enough. Planting fancy flowers and plants in your garden, front yard, backyard and in pots to place inside the house are the most favourable options. But have you considered planting flowers on balcony lately?

The idea of having a beautiful balcony with sweet-smelling flowers is just so appealing. A large number of refreshing flowers such as jasmine, roses, sweet peas, pansy and hardy geranium can be grown in small pots.
You can further place them along the balcony area.

If you do not know where to begin, let us be your guide! You can start off with the following tips.

What You Need:

First, look for suitable pots to place in your balcony. They can be as big or
as small as you like. The second thing you need to buy is a fine potting
soil in order to grow your plants. Along with that, keep an eye for a
good fertilizer too. The last thing you need to buy is the seeds or the
already grown plants that you want.


For quick gardening of flowers on balcony, look for a self watering
container so you can easily water your plants yourself. If you have a
tap near the balcony area, you can also use a hose with a spray. Lastly,
for water preservation, find a sack of mulch to put it over your
planted pots later.

Here comes the dirty Work:

With all the required material, get the plantation going. Fill each pot with
the potting soil until full and place the seeds or the grown plant in
it. Make sure you do not harm the pant in the process. Add water to your
plant after planting and leave it for one or two days. After that,
water your flowers regularly each day and add fertiliser to avoid any
uninvited pests.

Things to Keep In Mind:

To add flowers on balcony, you must be aware of your area’s restrictions. This
may include the weight of the pots and height of the plants, etc. As
flowers need to be watered regularly, always keep some kind of tray
under each of your pots. This will help prevent water flowing around
your neighbour’s place or getting your balcony wet while you water the

In the process, do not forget to have fun with your flower
balcony experience. Do not just add a zillion pots on your first day.
Start from a smaller number of plants and as you begin to enjoy their
presence and the hard work, only then add a few more pots. Till then,
have a great time adding flowers on your balcony!