Creating an evocative aromatic garden

Why create an aromatic garden?

rosemaryIn recent times aromatherapy has become well-known for its calming and healing effects.

An aromatic garden can be very evocative, as well as beneficial to your well-being in healing, calming and relaxing. You can create an aromatic garden for processing your own oil or just to have the scents that will aid you in your busy, stressful life. A well-planned herb aromatic garden can be beneficial to you by being attractive and useful, such as in cooking and remedies for common ailments.
Take pleasure from the rich aromas in your garden and watch the soothing butterflies.

Planning your aromatic garden

If you’re limited for space, the layout of your garden can include pots.
Various shaped ceramic pots bring variation of texture and color to your
garden. You can also have window boxes or balcony pots to add to the
artistic effect and make more use of space. If you create an aromatic
garden, pleasing to the eye as well as to your nostrils, with the
delightful perfumes, you may be surprised at how much enjoyment you get from your garden and how well it makes you feel.

Organic methods

Organic methods are best, especially if you’re going to use the herbs in cooking as well as natural remedies. Your soil will not be polluted and your plants are unlikely to be contaminated. They will be natural and
healthier for you. Insects, butterflies and bees will be attracted to your organic garden, making it a more pleasing spot to be in, and helping to maintain a healthy balance of destructive insects and those that prey upon them.

The conditions

The conditions of your scented garden are important. Herbs were originally wild plants so try to create the conditions of their natural environment. Herbs tend to like dry and sunny spots, but they are very hardy and adaptable.


Soil is a main factor to consider when you create an aromatic garden with herbs. Different herbs prefer different types. Let’s have a look at some aromatic herbs, their healing properties and which soils they thrive best in. If your plants aren’t thriving in your garden, I suggest you make raised beds with the soil best suited to your plants.

Aromatic herbs which like clay:

Bergamot with its uplifting properties.
Lemon balm used as an antidepressant.
Mint for healing respiratory problems and headaches.

Aromatic herbs which prefer sandy soil:

Chamomile as a relaxant.

Fennel with its anti-toxic properties.

Lavender which is soothing.

Thyme used as a stimulant.

Aromatic herbs which prefer loam:

Basil good for concentration.
Scented (rose) geranium which is a relaxant.

Aromatic herbs preferring chalk or limestone soil:

Hyssop, a sedative.
Juniper as a stimulant.
Rosemary which is invigorating.
Sweet Marjoram used for calming.

When you create an aromatic garden, you can put some paving stones between the plants. This is decorative and allows you easy access to your plants.