Grapevines in my garden

grapevinesWouldn’t it be nice if while you are strolling in your garden and feasting your eyes on the riot of colourful blooms and smelling the heady fragrances of flowers, you can also reach up in the grapevines to pluck a plump and juicy fruit still warm from the rays of the morning sun? Growing grapes in the garden is not as daunting as many people believe.

Growing grapes in the garden

Grapes are normally grown in extensive stretches of vineyards. Rows and rows of grapevines would stand like sentinels guarding a very vast area. As such, growing grapes in the garden would appear to be a farfetched idea. In spite of the limited space grapes can be grown in one’s garden. Yield from one or two grapevines in the garden may not be enough for wine making but the grapes would be more than enough for the table. The home-grown grapes will be made into juice, jams and jellies. More importantly, the bunch of grapes will be the envy of neighbours. After all, not everyone can grow grapevines in their garden.

Important considerations in growing grapes

The first thing a home grape grower should do is to consider the kind of climate in the area. Most grape varieties can adapt well to humid and warm climate. Growing grapes in your garden would not be a good idea if the temperature drops below 10°F. The type of soil would not be a big problem as most grape varieties can adapt to most soil types. The growing habit of the grape variety must be considered as well as it will determine the kind of trellis the grapevine will need.

How to grow grapes

Grapes can be grown from seeds or from grape cuttings. Growing grapes from cutting is proven to be more advisable. Growing grapes in the garden is kind of easy as this is a low maintenance plant. However, grape planting is a long term commitment. It would take a few years before you can taste the fruits of your labor. Decide where you want to plant the seed or the cutting. Check the soil. Grapevines need a lot of sunlight thus anything that can obstruct the plant’s exposure to the sun must be removed. Grapes would grow on any kind of soil but the sandy and loamy type is more preferable. Plant the cutting in early spring. An arbor or trellis will be necessary as the growing vines have to be trained to grow horizontally. The secret to luscious and healthy grapes is pruning. Pruning must be started the second year after the grape was planted. Pruning is necessary as it makes the vine grow the correct way and also improves the quality of the vine making it more resistant to cold and diseases. Growing grapevines in the garden is very rewarding. It would take a while before the first harvest but the savoring the fruits of your labor is worth the wait.
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