How to Make a Cactus Garden

cactus gardenA cactus plant is usually found in desert areas or arid regions. It is one of the most exotic plants of nature that have the benefit of being planted anywhere. You can choose to grow a variety of cacti in your backyard, front garden, in a pot, or any other place you like. The best choice being a cactus garden, you can grow different types of it and give your home a more pleasing and exotic look. In order to start making your own cactus garden today, you must follow the steps given below:

Decide And Dig

To make a cactus garden, you need to start with planning. The first thing you need to do is find a location. Once a place is decided, mark a specific area for it. You can choose to plan an area in any shape such as a triangle, circle, square or semi-circle, etc. You can plant on flat ground or on a hill as well. For flat ground, dig the marked area 6 to 12 inches underground. For a hill, dig till a few inches under the ground level.

Planting the Cactus

Go to your local gardening store and find out the best cacti that can grow in your area. You can grow a cactus garden if the temperature of your area is under 45 Fahrenheit. As cactus plants easily grow in sandy soil, you can get cactus potting soil from the nearest market. Begin your plantation by first piling up a layer of lava rocks at the base of the hole. Fill the remaining hole with the cactus potting soil while placing your cactus plant carefully in it.

Keeping up With the Cacti

There are two basic maintenance requirements that you need to look after. The first one is that cactus does not need to be watered regularly like other plants. You can water it once a month by just making the soil moist and not full of water. In most cases, the rainfall is quite enough as the only source of water. As the second condition, feed your cacti plants with a good fertiliser only once a year during the spring season. Thus, keeping up with cactus plants is not at all difficult.


If you like to focus on the little details, you always have the choice of adding a few rocks on the sides or in between the planted area. This will give a more natural and appealing look to your garden, making it look just like the ones you see in movies! Making a cactus garden is thus not only rewarding but also very convenient with minimum maintenance and a beautiful outcome.
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