The Easy Way to Grow Tomatoes In Pots

tomatoes in potsWhen you have limited space in your garden, it is good idea to grow your fruit and vegetables in pots where possible. Tomatoes are great for potting and the can thrive if done properly. You can know how to grow tomatoes in no time at all because there is nothing complicated about growing tomatoes, it is easy if you follow some simple instructions. When to Sow the Seeds Starting your tomatoes too early will result in week plants. In the UK, we have a cold climate and not a lot of sunlight until mid-summer, so start growing tomatoes at the end of February at the earliest. You should sow the seeds in pots of compost with a light sprinkling to over the top to cover the seeds. The seeds will need to be in moist compost, but the compost can not be soaked. The best way to encourage tomatoes in pots is to leave the soil almost dry completely before dampening again. People will argue about how to grow tomatoes and how much water to use, but if they really know how to grow tomatoes, they will realise that too much water will harm their immune system. Seedlings to Pots When the seedlings have sprouted in their small seeding pots, they should be moved to pots. When re-potting the seedlings, you should make sure they are place deep so that new roots will form from the stem and anchor the plant well. There should be no frost when plants are transferred to a greenhouse or outside, so at the beginning of May tends to be okay for growing tomatoes in a green house, but tomatoes in pots outside would be better nursed indoors until the very end of May. Watering and Feeding Cycle It is wise to get in to a routine and stick to it because tomatoes can be sensitive. They like to be watered at approximately the same time daily, but be sparing with the water. If there is too much water, the roots cannot breathe and air as well as water is needed for the soil to be healthy. If the soil is allowed to dry, the tomatoes will be unable to absorb any nutrients. Over feeding can also cause harm to your plants. Tomatoes in pots can be particularly affected by this, because unlike wild toms, there is less run off of feed. This can resort in root burn and a ruined plant.
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