Easy Plants for Beginners

gardeningWhen deciding to take up gardening, the best way to begin is to grow something that is going to provide you with a rewarding experience. Growing something and then finding that it has died will dampen your spirits, so begin with plants that are simple to grow that also require little maintenance. Indoor plants will take away outside influences like the weather. Nothing can be more disheartening than a late frost ruining your new fauna. There are lots of easy plants to grow for beginners and some that take little or no care whatsoever. Quick Growing Indoor Plants 1.Golden Pothos Vine is one of the quickest growing indoor plants available. This plant is best grown from a hanging basket and because it naturally grows in trees, this plant is happy in the shade. Killing this plant is not easy, unless you place it next to direct heat or fail to water it ever. The good thing about Golden Pothos is that anyone will think that you take great care of your plants. 2. Lucky Bamboo is great for lazy people who like indoor plants. They are happy to be watered whenever you feel like and they will live in pretty much any environment. These plants are great for offices and they are loved by Chinese people who believe they bring good luck. These easy plants make a perfect gift, better if they have been grown from a seed. Outdoor Plants When it comes to growing easy plants outdoors, things are a little more complicated, but nevertheless, there are plenty of options for beginners. To start with, you should prepare your soil properly by making sure it is relatively stone free and well fertilised. When the soil is prepared, you should choose low maintenance plants. These tend to be plants that are in flower for a long time and they don’t need to be tended to very often. 1. Shrubs are a good way to start because they do not generally need to be dead headed and they will flower longer. The best shrubs for beginners are Rudbekia which will flower for about five months beginning in July. There is no dead heading and the leaves will be green all year around. 2. Another very long flowering plant is a Hardy Fuchsia. This resilient shrub starts showing flowers in June and continues all the way through to November. There is no dead heading and they are a tough plant. They can be transferred to a bed and planted two inches lower in the ground than they were in the pots and this will create a solid root network.
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